So she was here to check on him? The sentiment held a predictable effect. his lips quirked up to a hinting smile as the earlier hostility in the range of jokes was loosened completely. Letting himself be willingly lulled about due to  her soft fingertips, tilted from direction to another. He softly shook his head at her curious question, one Yusuke damn well intended to answer with his usual snark.

“Y’mean you haven’t even noticed? Still can’t snip that one scene out of my mind, where you cracked the hell out of one of those zombie teacher’s skulls with that bat.” While life and death left its morbid flavor in terms of memories, they were long past it. So it could be dished out with a little humor, right? Reaching a single hand up, Yusuke gently flicked a finger right between Botan’s blue bangs, upon her forehead.


“So my question is how you’ve been holding up? As you see we’re along the pinnacle peace n’ all of that good stuff right now. You’re seriously not missing too much down here, less nag Yusuke time has some sudden priority now.”

Now, this was much better and she felt proud of herself even if the start did not went smoothly as expected. Next time the grim reaper should do an effort to keep this in mind but then it wouldn’t be the same !! At least she already told him the actual intention of her visit, feeling more at ease now that Yusuke was not barking around, threatening to bite her head off in any moment. Hah ! Picturing better it looked quite hilarious.

" Au contraire, some of us do it out of necessity and not because I enjoy fighting. A lady must know how to defend herself. ” A slight pout was the response of the sudden messing with her hair, while it didn’t bothered her she found it quite dumb. Ah, well. Not like she hated it. Her features softened once again and went right away to her typical grin, a content sigh inevitable to contain.

" Believe me, I’m fine with this. I don’t need anything blowing up in this instant nor in any other moment. "

" Isn’t that much better anyway ? " That means she has less to worry about, enjoying a peaceful time while keeping an eye on him— Yup, sounds like an amazing plan. " We can enjoy this as long as you don’t attract any problems in the meantime. Don’t you try to push me away from the scene, I still have to watch you. Besides, I was planning to pay a visit to Yukina-chan too. "

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“Well apparently so if my gut isn’t spilling over my pants line!” He shot right back, holding as much zest as the ferry woman did in her own right, partially guilty for shoving his silently bubbling frustration towards Botan. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see her, heck; she was his friend just like all the others.

It was just.. Botan liked to arrive, a perky smile and full of cheer.

There was a specific catch that involved him risking his life.


“Whaddya mean job? I’m off duty, indefinitely. The super toddler force that Koenma’s old man ushered after me made me well aware, while they were trying to get my head on a plate.” He bluntly stated. With a little afterthought, the teen couldn’t help but think she probably meant something else completely different. With a soft exhale, a grunt following, Yusuke regained a little more of his calm composure.

“Don’t tell me we’re on the same wavelength and you mean fighting.”

" I see you totally fine ! And preferably keep that one where is right now. No one is up to clean any mess. " Sure she got out off topic way too soon, not her fault he was being too sensible over that initial silly comment of her part. Or perhaps there was more and the grim reaper ignored those important bits, it was hard to see the meaning behind and although she could partially understand why he was so grumpy it was not something that would make back away immediately from him.

" You never know what can happen. That’s why I am here and you should be more happy that I’m the one checking on you. Sure, you can take care of yourself but you are too dumb. " Placing a hand on his shoulder, only to shook Yusuke slightly, a short smile taking her features that was directed to him. Botan was nowhere near anyone level of strength but she cannot be left behind when a friend is in trouble, specially one that she was partially responsible from —

  ” Since when I turned into a savage like you to be in the same wavelength, huh? ”

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“Oh my, another me. I guess that means Mother had triplets…”

" I think I’ve see you a lot of times when I look at the mirror in the morning. " Plus the nervous laugh! Oh, this was not bad in the least but it surely confused the grim reaper in more than one way. Though she still tried to keep the friendly demeanor, not knowing exactly what to do with this sort of situations — Perhaps this was a doppelganger ?

" I guess it’s nice to meet me …? “


“I think it’s called your old lady vision playing a trick or maybe a 100 on ya.”


“Look, you of all people know the constant occasions I get my shirt literally ripped to bits in the biz that pacifier breath got me stuck in. You think my bod could go and lose it and become larded up, even if I wanted it to?”

" Who are you calling an old lady !? I’m shimmering in youth and this vision has been perfectly fine for centuries and it now of all times it won’t fail. You think I would lie to you with something so serious ?! " Joking or not, she seemed very persistent on that topic.

" Sooo ? I am not supposed to keep a register at how many times you show off and don’t blame Koenma-san on this, we are just doing our job ! Which you should do too !! "

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"Did you gained weight ? I think you got more fat since the last time I saw you."

Yukina-chan followed me and I notice 5 months later.


Stares at silently for several seconds. “…Why in the hell do I hang out with you again? This shit keeps slipping my mind.” Not that he really had anything massive against Botan, but that tick to complain about just about everything wasn’t something he could easily ignore. Ever. Yusuke slowly narrowed his eyes, watching the reaper suspiciously as he mulled over that. Did he know she was being sarcastic? Maybe. “You know what? HELL YES! I want a damn star like that, make it gold so I can melt it down and say I got something out of being Reikai’s bitch.”

Mean as always.

It didn’t surprised her. Not in the slightest. Which she replied with a more confident smile, almost proud of what she was going to say. ” When you find the answer tell me. I don’t know either. ” Or maybe she did. There was this perfect chance it was because all the moments shared, not only to mention Botan was in charge of him sometimes. Well, she wasn’t going to vanish out of nowhere, they just had the misfortune to bop with each other. Sweet yet cruel boundaries made by a stupid causality. ” Sure. I’ll get you a nice sticker in the meantime. Let’s but it now, you can show it off too ! It’s a deal then, Yusuke. “